Types Of Work

Stop & Think

We help groups take a step back from the day to day to explore challenges, opportunities or blindspots lurking in the background. We do it in relevant, real and fun ways to make sure the experience is valuable. For example;

H.O.S.T. (Hands On Stop & Think) Sessions

We move teams out of their category and into a different one for a couple of days. Responding to a familiar brief, they apply a different perspective to challenge their thinking. Learnings are then reviewed and applied back to their own world. Gin via ice-cream is one such mash up we put together. Revealing and fun.


Scenario gaming isn’t a new idea and we think it’s a really powerful way to put collective brain power through its paces and come up with options vs the things that keep you awake at night. We’ve done variations of these for many clients over the years and seen them build confidence, capability and creativity for dealing with the uncertain.

Stakeholder Forums

No, not research. Sessions that work you alongside customers or influencers to tackle a problem. A recent example – putting a commercial team from a multi-national in a room for 3 days with key customers to build out what ‘Customer-Centricity’ should really mean and look like. For all involved in was different, productive and a great builder of trust.

Idea Generation

Or ‘Ideation’, if you prefer. We can run one-off or structured programmes. For one FMCG Client, we delivered a 2½ day format in 12 of their markets, helping them create new brand programmes for the on-trade channel - an area from which they were historically absent. Real briefs, various techniques, tough pitching, great outcomes.

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