Types Of Work

Share & Immerse

We’ve done a lot of this. Supporting the rollout of a big idea or strategy by helping people get to 
grips with it, understand it and being clear about the role they can play in making it successful.

Global Brand Workshops

We run annual workshops for various brands, many in the spirits industry. Big brand reveals, competitor updates and best practice sharing are on the list but that’s only half of it. We work hard to avoid ‘death by powerpoint’ and deliver a great experience where everyone makes a meaningful contribution.

Salesforce Immersion

A critical make or break audience, especially for brands. Win here and you can win big. We developed a Roadshow for a newly repositioned beer brand. Product story, brand world and marketing assets were all covered with a commercial slant for their European sales teams. Then ("surprise!") we brought in customers for them to ‘sell’ what they’d learnt. Intense, impactful and a mindset changer.

Strategy Rollout

Sometimes there’s a need to align lots of people to a big message with pace, consistency and detail. Your content, our delivery. We helped a large FMCG do this with their newly created market planning process. We helped build then deliver their 4 stage workshop programme for 30 countries in 18 months. Yes, that’s 120 workshops.

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