Types Of Work

Nurture the ‘Doing’

When the workshop dust settles and it’s back to the day job, distractions can set in and momentum lost. We really do want you to do the best work possible, so we offer ways to help teams and individuals keep at it in order to achieve that.

Internal Comms

Keeping the message alive within the wider business is a big deal if you want to keep things moving. We run a workshop to put the basic skills, building blocks and confidence in place for championing the right message in the right format at the right time to the right stakeholders.

The Book of the Movie

Many workshops result in commitments around what needs to be done. How it gets done day to day thereafter is another matter. We regularly pull together toolkits and templates that colleagues can usefully apply after the event so commitments stick.

Team Planning

Without straying into the realms of training, we often work with teams to button down what they practically need to do, collectively and personally, so workshop commitments have the best chance of success. We work this up in sensible and pragmatic ways to suit the needs of each situation.

Facilitation 101

We’ve been doing the facilitation thing for 20+ yrs now. Unsurprisingly, we’ve come to believe it’s a skill that should live in every business where people need to work together. So we have our own 2 day ‘basics’ course, where people can hone that skill then apply it day to day to deliver better work with colleagues.

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