Types Of Work

Future Direction

Leaders have a pretty clear idea about the future they want to work towards. However, the smart ones involve their people when nailing it down so it’s more richly informed, owned and expressed. We help with that like this….

Vision Workshops

1-2 day formats to create a future goal of the highest order that a team, brand or business can get behind. We’ve done it for groups of 12 to 112 people in FMCG, Drinks, Travel and Executive Recruitment.

Strategy Alignment

Big ideas and visions need strategies that pull everyone involved in the same direction. Leaders and Consultants cracking this often involve us to support with the design of sessions that ensure it's done with ‘everyone’ in a harmonised way.


We help teams build simple messaging pyramids to answer “What is it you do?”. It was a question faced by a new B2B super-team put together at one of the big phone companies. Over 2 days we helped them explore the answer and create an Elevator Statement that cleared things up.

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